About yourwellnessblog


YW Magazine was started by Chenai, like many who work, found that her health and mental sanity was suffering as a result of long hours, a lack of self care and a work/life balance. Out of real desperation, she discovered wellness and how much it was essential to have a routine in place that not only allows you to stay happy and fulfilled while working so you don’t burn out but also to remain healthy and positive, no matter the situation you may find yourself in. She knew that she can’t have been the only one that realised that being stressed, day in day out is not healthy so in January 2016 YW Magazine was born.

What are our aims?

YW Magazine is all about creating a platform where inspiration is sparked in order to create peace and calm in a chaotic world. When there is so much going on around us, it can be so easy to neglect our crucial needs to relax and take care of ourselves. This blog seeks to try to make your life a bit easier by providing the key tips and tricks to achieving optimum wellbeing and health levels.

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