A Guide To Morning V Evening Workouts

If you’re a traditional 9-5 working person who is also into keeping up your fitness levels, one of the biggest disputes can be what is the most ideal time of the day to workout. Both have their benefits and drawbacks but this bite sized post will hopefully help you out to find what works for you.


Mornings?Β The benefits

Ahhh mornings. Getting up extra early for your workouts and feeling the untouched crisp air on your skin can be the most refreshing thing, making you feel alert and ready to smash your workout. Not only are you able to get your workout in and out before most of your town/city/village has even woken up but it’s gotten your adrenaline up and working setting up the rest of your day for good energy and motivation. That natural release of endorphins that you get from exercise will give you that nice boost of self confidence that anyone would love to have just before a long day at work so that you know no matter what ever the day might throw at you, you feel as though you are still bossing it.

In addition to that, when it becomes a set part of your routine, you don’t feel the pain of getting out of bed anymore, instead you start running on auto pilot and it can be the most essential satisfying part of your daily routine.



Of course the biggest disadvantage of morning workouts is going to bed at a time that even 7 year olds would laugh at, just to wake up when it can be cold and dark to be lifting weights. A lot of the working population would kill for an extra hour in bed, hence the huge love for coffee and even bigger love for the snooze button, so getting up 2 hours earlier to go to the gym of all places? No chance. In addition to that, sleep is more than necessary to ensure you get the best out of our workouts so a large amount of self discipline is needed to make sure that you are eating the right kinds of foods and going to bed at suitable times to make sure everything works like clockwork, whilst also making sure it doesn’t feel like a chore. It requires a lot more restraint.


Okay, so what about evening workouts?

By large the biggest advantage of evening workouts is that you have time. You are not in a panic to make sure you get everything done in a fixed time, it’s more of an leisurely workout. It can also be the time to release any stresses you have built up throughout the day. Depending on the workout, it can unwind you and be the most relaxing breath of fresh air that’s needed. Espeicelly if you’re used to sitting in an office all day, that evening workout will be the perfect contrast from your day job.

Or Nay??

Well that was a short advantages list wasn’t it? One of the main disadvantages is that you for sure definitely won’t have been the only one who rather go after work. The gym after 5pm is basically peak hours,Β everybodyΒ is there, it takes a real strong keen eye and fast feet to get the piece of equipment you want. Planning a set routine for after work is pretty much a myth because even if you do manage to do one part, that one machine you need to do that thing will be in use and 3 other people will have their eye on it as well, closely walking by it every minute to see if it’s free now.


Also if your job entails any kind of physical activity, the last thing you might to do is to head to the gym after a long day to do some more. Not just that but the only thing you might want to do is to find a good series, find a quick meal then settle down for the night, not having to push yourself to the physical limit – the motivation will most likely not be there whatsoever. Finally, the last disadvantage would be that while that beautiful hit of endorphins will definitely feel glorious at the beginning of the day when you are getting ready to smash the day, but it will not be when you’re trying to settle down for the night. You may end up feeling restless and in fight mode whilst trying to sleep which is not ideal.


So what team wins? Well it’s totally up to you to decide what works better for you. Try out both and let me know what works better for you. Would you rather do a morning or evening workout?


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