Reclaim Your Period: Tips For A Smoother Time Of The Month

Let’s get personal. Real real personal.

Periods differ from person to person. For some it can be a slight inconvienience, an annoyance since you won’t be able to wear white jeans and you might get a couple of spots when the red river is approaching. This post is not for you guys that fit the above description, this post is for those who get dramatic PMS, those who feel that they eat their weight in food pre period, and who generally feel as though they deconstruct in that time of the month, rebuild themselves to their own sense of normal just to have to go through the same trauma next month. Bruh it’s not easy. Without using contraception to “fix” the issue or preparing to drug myself to knock myself out every month, I tried to find methods to make my period a little less of a stressful time.


Release your stresses well in advance

One thing I’ve realised about that time of the month is that it magnifies any underlying stresses, anxiety that you may be experiencing at work, in your relationships etc. One thing I know I need to do when I am approaching my period is to unload and release all of my worries so I am not carrying a burden into my most tumultuous time of the month. For me this means taking this extra care to keep my calm levels at a all time high, putting that extra sprinkle of essential oils in my bath to keep me destressed and deliberately playing it safe. I take that time of the month to let go of any annoyance, built up thoughts or feelings, while any other time of the month I may shrug something off, I make sure that I am completely clear of anything that may make PMS run away from with itself. While there is a blatant loss of blood during the time of the month, it can also be a opportunity to release any built up negative feelings that you need to let go of

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Curb those cravings

The temptation to eat everything in sight can be a sign that your period is en route and unfortunately, usually our bodies do not usually crave wheatgrass, kale and dragonfruit. It may not be the easiest thing but watching what you eat in the build up to your period can really help with cramps and not getting as bloated as you might get if you were mindlessly eating. Stay clear of salty snacks, as this will make you dehydrated and more built up and bloated. As with sugary snacks, your body’s seratonin levels dip so you might feel a want to up your sugary snacks to up them again but along with hormonal spots you might get and your body naturally putting on weight, sugary snacks doesn’t really help.

To combat this, when you feel a craving to overeat indulgently, down some water firstly to make sure you aren’t just dehydrated, then prepack snacks to carry around with you to avoid impulse buying food that will not help you out. If all else fails and the cravings are too strong, allow your self snacks such as dark chocolate for the glorious endorphins and magnesium; bananas for the potassium and Greek yogurt for the Calcuim but maybe stay away from whole meals that you know may not be the best nutritionally best for you.


Scrap tampons/pads

Now bare with me on this last one, don’t worry, I’m not suggesting a new free bleeding movement! For some, conventional pads and tampons can do more harm than good because of all the chemicals that are in them. For example, some sanitary products contain chemicals that make your periods last longer so you can buy more products whilsrt also containing ridiculous amounts of plastic that should be nowhere near your precious cave monthly that can contribute to additional cramps.

To combat this, a wee bit of research is needed to see what works for you. If you have some extra change to spare, organic pads and tampons could be for you which can have natural oils that can help sooth your cramps, getting rid of those nasty plastics. On the other hand, if you are feeling experimental and willing to commit to invest in a long term sanitary product, the DivaCup is for you. It is definitely a lot more different to other products but the biggest benefit is that you literally buy it once and that’s you sorted for a very very long time.

Recommendation: Organic pads here and DivaCup here.


Of course, all of the above information is all from my own personal experience from dreading and hating every moment of that time of the month to embracing it not only as a sign that my body is actually working the way that it should but also working in collaboration with my body instead of being against it. X


2 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Period: Tips For A Smoother Time Of The Month

  1. I love your ideas to easing the pain of PMS! I used to suffer quite badly in my young adult days and wish there was this kind of advice around then. Now I’m older and a parent I make sure my daughter knows everything about PMS and how to deal with it all. She’s nearly 10 so not quite there yet but at least she is prepared and the internet is a wonderful thing for information.
    Great post! xx

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s so important to listen to our bodies during that time of the month and not just brush over it so it’s great that you’re teaching your daughter now rather than her having to learn it the hard way.

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