#LifeLessons: Finding GENUINE inner peace

These days, you can barely scroll through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook without seeing the words anxiety or depression.

As looked at in my mental health series #TakeCare, it is of absolute importance that we speak how we’re feeling mentally out loud without fear, judgement or stigma. Finding what works for you to help you get out of your rut is something that is probably the most important – Loving yourself enough to put yourself and your mental health first is the main thing, above all else. For that reason, a new series will be starting on YW Magazine, focusing on finding the solutions that can hopefully help and encourage you to find what works for you. The first of these life lessons is finding that inner peace in order to stay afloat on top of all of the outside noise that can sometimes drag us down.


Find your escape

When the world starts to build up on your shoulders and you start to feel overwhelmed, I find it helps to nip the negative feelings in the bud by finding my own little escape just to come back up to neutral. Whether it’s a physical place – taking yourself on a date to a new place you haven’t explored yet, going to the cinema or the gym; or it can just be as small as locking your door, lighting some candles and listening to some music to create your own safe space where you can just unwind and forget about the world for a while.

Is not by force to forever be center stage, fighting the world on the forfront, it’s just as important to remember to take breaks and look after your mind, body and soul.


Find your crew

Along with all the mostly necessary stresses that comes with being at the workplace, it is important that we have people around us that not only we can trust to talk about our feelings with but also having people around us that we can laugh with and enjoy quality time with. This can of course come in many forms, whether it be a partner, friends or family, we all need people and healthy relationships to help bounce our thoughts, whether positive or negative off of. As much as it is important to find our escape and our alone time, we need to be able to find a balance between restoring ourselves with others who care about us and being alone to correct your thoughts – Of course, how introverted or extroverted you are will play a part in how much you need to do either. While it is easier said than done to to find genuinely golden people that we can love and trust wholeheartedly with but with that being said never forget that you are worthy of the absolute best and it’s best to work on your best self rather than welcome toxic relationships into your life. For reals.


What’s your love language?

I read somewhere that while it is important to know and learn about your partners love language, it’s just as important, if not more so, to give yourself the same the treatment because you are deserving of the best treatment. If you’re sitting there like what the hell are love languages, check out this quiz to find out what your love language is and what the other ones are. Of course if you feel as though you are lagging behind in your mental health, speak it out with the people you love and who love you as well, but it’s also important to embrace your own company and learn about maybe what you are most in need of and what you like. For example, if your love language is words of affirmations, maybe you need to start creating your own post it notes with encouraging notes and start sticking them in random places to remind yourself that you are a amazing person with potential. Even if your top one is acts of service, treating yourself to get a massage can take the pressure off. Whatever your love language is, you deserve to be treated with all the care and kindness so give it to yourself!


Cut yourself some slack

I feel like the most important reason why there is a noticeable restlessness on social media is the idea that we always have to keep up with the majority, the insta celebs, the people who always seem to have their shit together looking flawless. We are always so connected with people who seem to be perfect and sometimes without knowing it, this can slip us feeling inadequate and feeling as though we are not good enough, pretty enough, not travelling the world enough which can also lead us to become impatient with our own progress.

Whenever you start feeling inadequate, it’s time to disconnect and tune in to your own journey and priorities. Take the pressure off of yourself to be already living your perfect life, you’ll get where you need to be, just focus on living the best life you can live in the current moment.


Of course, mental health problems are a lot more easier said than done to manage but I hope that this post has provided some helpful tips to encourage better self care for your mind and soul.



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