3 Ways To Build A Love For The Gym

My love affair with the gym started two years ago.

It has become my safe space and it has gone from being a surface level crush where I was only going to improve the way I looked to it then becoming another home, a place I could relax yet at the same time push my body to see how epic and strong I could become. Along this rollercoaster of love that me and the gym have been on, I have learnt the greatest keys that I wish to share with you to get and remain excited about the gym so it isn’t just a temporary infatuation but more so a passion that keeps you coming back for more.


‘Gym is boring’

Now, it might have just been me but when I first started going to the gym, I felt as if I was finally getting my life in order (lol). I thought I was finally about to become the finest that South London has ever seen, my body was about to be ripped in three months and my before and afters were about to be fire (I was 19, please stop judging me from your corner). When in reality, it really did not work that way because for a start, I did not do my research; I was pretty much only doing exercises I already knew just for the sake of saying that I went to the gym when in reality I was not doing much at all.


The true beauty of working out is that you cannot complete it, it is an evolving door of choice, waiting for you to decide what you want to work on, how long you want to work on it for, and if you change your mind then it’ll still be there waiting for you to make the most out of it. What do you want to get out of working out? Whatever your aims are, do your research. Just because you know the treadmill is good for cardio, does not mean you should necessarily be doing it for two hours everyday if you want to reach your goal. Just because you know weight lifting is good to build muscle, does not mean you should be lifting the heaviest dumbbell if you want to reach your goal. Allow fitness Youtubers to help you out in a relatable likable way. My faves include Nikki BlackStreeter, Jazmine Garcia and GraceFitUK. Find your own inspo and be inspired to try your best in your workouts.



Listen, it is impossible to be full and raring to go every single day with all the energy in the world so the mentality that you either have to do the most in the gym to get results or you might as well go home is garbage. Listen to your body, you know it best: There’s no point in planning to do the heaviest of lifting when you know that your head is not in it today. Along me and gyms journey together, I would get into the routine of almost forcing myself to do whatever it took to stay true to my goals which meant lifting heavy for 5 times a week whether I liked it or not and that only left me with a lack of enthusiasm and passion for it – burnout.

Plus, honestly, I have grown to like the workouts that are not necessarily the most challenging or the most worthy of attention but the ones where I am seeing where my body wants to take me and also to experiment and work on areas that maybe I have not worked on for a while. Routines are awesome when you have a specific goal in mind but dancing away from that routine can actually help to keep you excited as well as stopping you from hitting a plateau. Workouts aren’t supposed to be a monotonous chore, keep the spark alive by allowing some room for manoeuvre in your workouts.



‘Get that bikini bod’

Last but not least, while it is perfectly okay and normal to have and aim for new body goals while you’re falling in love with the gym, however becoming obsessed with your image and whether your body is correlating with your aim will make you impatient and slightly crazy. By all means, fall deeply and passionately in love with the gym but don’t get too obsessed with the result that you forget that it takes work and dedication to reach your goal and maintain it.

No matter what shape or size you currently are, you are beautiful and most importantly alive. Never get obsessed to the point that you take for granted how your body works. Treat the gym the way you’d want to be treated; with love, respect and patience.


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