Autumn Wellness

The mornings and evenings are getting darker, you can no longer get away with wearing a t-shirt, the clocks are about to change – It’s time to save goodbye to the sweet Summer days because Autumn is here whether you hate it or love it. One of the most common mistakes that someone can make not adjusting their body to the change in seasons beyond just buying more winter coats and jumpers. Just like the weather, your body goes through seasons of change and adaptation so it would make perfect sense to tap into what is going on in our environment so that we are making the most out of this season of change.

Change of mindset

As the leaves turn brown and orange and there is a new chill in the air, this could be the perfect time to reflect on the past couple of months and see what you can do differently for the last quarter of the year. This could be the time to look completely inwards and decide what needs to be done to make the last couple of months of the year the best ones yet. You perhaps may suffer from seasonal depression which can be very common for this time of year as the long Summer days start to feel like a myth. Combat your change of mood early by preparing yourself; becoming more positive and realising that while the sun does not stick around for as long, it does not make you any less enlightened or positive because your sun shines from within, not externally.


What have you been procrastinating on, what part of you are you neglecting? Change is oh so important, most of all now wen we are spending more time at home and indoors. Don’t wait until the end of the year for improvements, change and growth to take place. Press restart now and get the ball rolling.

New workout routine

If you are someone who is a fan of running or outdoor workouts, when it starts getting darker quickly and more than two layers of outdoor clothing is necessary, the motivation may quickly dwindle to workout in any form and I don’t blame you. Lying comfy in the warmth sounds like a much more delightful decision but as part of keeping up a healthy lifestyle and staying motivated to fitness, in the Autumn months perhaps it would be best to try something completely new in order to keep your routine fresh.

Cycling, dance, pilates… Change it up completely so that you don’t lose interest. Also, if you are a seasoned fitness fan, now is the time to sit down, recover and rest and perhaps do a bit of research into how to better your routine so that you are using your time working out as efficiently as you can. A wise person once said that Summer bodies are built in the winter so why not seek to learn and grow your understanding on how best to improve your routine? Whether it be weightlifting or yoga, there are always ways that you can grow your knowledge and become the best yogi/weightlifter you know.


Try new foods

This is also the most ideal time to recover and refresh after what ever your indulgences were in the Summer. Start think about those wholesome, homemade foods that you can associate with Winter and start making the moves to transform your fridge. Whether it is soups, stews, filling pies. Maybe it’s time to start baking and playing around in the kitchen to see what you can do.

While of course Summer is the season for socialising and enjoying the great outdoors, Autumn could be the time to start getting comfy and making the kitchen a space for you to experiment and try out new things so instead of going to your local supermarket to get a can of soup or dialling up to get a takeaway, think how you can replicate a delicious cheesy lasagna or a chunky pumpkin soup in the comfort of your own home.


Now this is a big one, when Autumn comes, the chill in the air comes as well to whisk away all moisture from your skin, it really is an absolute pain. One of the biggest things is to make sure you are staying hydrated consistently through out the day. Not only does it keep body and blood healthy but it also makes sure that even though the weather is not on your skins side, you remain glowing and moist regardless.

Also it is high time to upgrade your skin products. No more light skin moisturiser, instead make cocoa butter or Nivea a staple – thick hydrating creams that last all day. Along with staying at home more naturally since its more cooler, feel free to indulge more with face masks that are designed to help you look moistured and clear no matter what the weather may be saying outside. What you put inside your body also is a big help, foods like kiwi, dark chocolate and kale are said to be really key for glowing, healthy skin.


Change of mindset

Now this is the ultimate time to seek completely from within and spend more time indoors, building on yourself. Spend some time reading, working on your self development, meditating and visualising for the future. Spend more time reaching out to family, building on your current relationships and letting them know you’re grateful. Don’t be afraid to just be in the moment and embrace the season that you’re in, just because the more photogenic season of Summer is gone, doesn’t mean that where ever you are right now is any less. Adapting and changing to this space may be different, but there’s always room to develop and expand, no matter the weather.

Okay guys, that’s another post wrapped up. Reach out and let me know how you’re feeling about this whole new season and how you will be changing your habits.

C x


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