Are You Glorifying Being Busy?

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Hope you all are doing well, got another post for you on something that I myself is actually very guilty of. Most people of course want to be known as someone who works very hard, is a go-getter and who does amazing things in their life. It is linked to the whole instagram generation, being seen to have a amazing life and having everything all together when it might not be exactly accurate in real life. We constantly see incredible celebrities or entrepreneurs saying that they didn’t sleep while they were building their empire or seeing phrases like “Sleep is one step closer to death” so we feel as though if we are resting or taking a time out, we aren’t doing enough to be working hard or to be successful in the future.

Personally, I have previously made this mistake. You can often really get caught up in what other people your age or even multi millionaire celebrities are doing and how they have become successful, especially if you consider yourself a creative person. While it’s okay to take inspiration and feel pushed by competition, it is NOT okay to make their journey your own and decide that you’re not doing enough because you aren’t in their position. 

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What are your motivations?

We all have dreams and ideas that we want to push for and pursue. This could be a big business idea or even studying for exams – everyone likes to win and smash their targets but sometimes we have to check our motivations to make sure we are doing this for ourselves and not because of pressure of the outside world to show we’re doing something.

How many times have seen someone snapchat or tweet that they’re working hard at the library or that their day has been soooo busy… Who cares?! You are working hard and building your future for YOU, not being or acting busy for anyone else. Focus on your own hustle.

Compare and contrast.

As mentioned before, a part of our society’s obsession with being seen to be busy is also because of the want to be seen to be keeping up our peers or to be doing more than them. Just a quick scroll through Facebook and you can see loads of people doing some great things and it is only natural to compare and mentally compete with them. You can then start thinking you aren’t doing enough because you don’t have the same things or the same epic life that they have.

It is always worth it to remember that most people only show what they want to show on social media. Comparing your journey to another persons will only seek to cause you anxiety and stress, thinking you are doing everything wrong when in reality you are just running your own race at your own pace.


Running on no energy

Probably one of my biggest problems with the obsession with busyness is that it is very harmful to our health above all. When we are insisting to push through tiredness, hunger, mental breaks or just generally taking some time out, it doesn’t mean that we are working hard, it mostly means that we aren’t using our time wisely. When you study for exams, do you sit revising for hours or do you take strategic breaks when you feel as though your brain is going numb? Even when you’re striving for success, it’s totally okay to take those breaks, have a day out when you’re doing something completely unrelated.

Take hours, maybe a day or two out of your passion just to reconnect with other hobbies, friends, other responsibilities. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking because you are feeling drained or your mind and body is feeling worn out, that you aren’t working hard and you aren’t doing enough. Take. Yo. Time and rest your body because you’re worth it.

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Eliminate Perfection

Naturally, not everyday is going to be as productive, not everyday are you going to be working to the highest level of your potential, and that’s okay. Take breaks, relax, don’t feel guilty because you may be feeling overwhelmed with it all and you need to take time out. Part of being productive is knowing when to work hard at your desk and knowing when to rest. You are not a robot, you are not a machine, you cannot work at 100% all day everyday without some respite.


Work smart, not hard

If you don’t get anything from this post, please please get this point. Being productive and getting things done, isn’t about working 20 hour days, it isn’t about not listening to your body and not taking any breaks or the idea that you are in competition with anyone. It’s about you using your time wisely and pioritising what needs to be done. Try and find a routine that works for you, whether it be doing timed power hours where you you smash your work out then take a lengthy break or if you work better over longer periods of time, work on your laptop fully charged until it dies then you take a well deserved time out.

There are so soo many ways and methods you could use to start working less while still getting done everything that you want to get done. Working down to the bone will do you ZERO favours. Have that balance and use your time wisely. Of course it’s impossible to have every second and minute accounted for but mapping it out so that you are working smarter will make your life 10x easier.


So that’s it guys! I really hope that this post made you really think about your motivations and whether you are using your time wisely. Please comment and let me know whether you have fallen victim to the busy culture!

Until next time loves,



3 thoughts on “Are You Glorifying Being Busy?

  1. I was just commenting on this a couple of days ago when I saw an article on successful entrepreneurship with the headline “Why You Should Wake Up Before 6AM”. All I could think was how so many people will read that and feel like they aren’t working hard enough and sacrificing enough because they sleep until 7AM or whenever they feel well rested.

    It’s such a sad reflection on our society that we glorify this mindset and push the idea that rest = laziness. It’s destroying our mental health and setting unrealistic standards in the name of “good work ethics.” Thank you so much for addressing this.

  2. Oh gurl you couldn’t have said it any better. Society is making us go crazy. We all have our own races to run so comparing ourselves to others will only drain us. I will be lying if I didn’t say social media (especially instagram) didn’t get to me sometime back. Everywhere I looked there was perfection this and that, and it made me feel worthless as single mother. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough, but thank God I snapped outta it. Ha! Great post!

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