Yoga Poses For People Who Hate Yoga

If you are finding the studios intimidating and not the least bit appealing, never fear. Yoga is not something that has to be done for a crowd. It does not have to be done in a sauna or under a pro’s watchful glare. You do not need to buy a $100 pair of pants to partake either. Yoga can be done in the privacy of your own home and for just fifteen minutes instead of the 1 hour and 15 offered in most studios, and you will still feel the benefits.

The whole point of yoga is to relax. To check in a chill out. Gentle poses can be held for longer periods to encourage the muscles to relax deeper, causing you to relax deeper. The noted times are just suggestions so remember to always listen to your body. Here is a quick routine your body will thank you for trying.


Wind-Relieving Pose

– Start lying on your back and bring your right leg into your chest, keeping your left leg straight and ensuring your back is still grounded to your mat. Hold for several breaths, bringing your knee closer with each exhale. Switch legs. 30 seconds per side.


Boat Pose

– Hugging your knees to your chest rock your body back and forth, gaining momentum. Pull yourself up so that you are balancing on your sit bones. Keeping your knees slightly bent (straighten legs to up the difficulty), straighten your arms along your sides and pulse. 30 Seconds

54898944 - young woman practicing yoga, pawanmuktasana / wind relieving pose

Standing Forward Bend

– While standing, inhale and bring the arms all the way up to the sky. Exhale, hinging at the hips, fold forward, bending the knees slightly so that the belly can rest on the thighs. Hang here for 1 minute.


Warrior I

– Standing in mountain pose with your spine neutral and body facing forward take a 3-4 foot step back with your left foot first. Imagine your feet are on separate train tracks, each taking one. Externally rotate the left foot so it is angled to the top left corner of the mat. Keeping the left leg straight back, bend the right leg, bringing the right thigh parallel to the floor or as close to. With an inhale bring the arms straight up, palms facing each other. With an exhale slightly tilt the upper body back with a gentle back bend, chest pushing to the ceiling. Do the same for the other side. 30 seconds each side.

Yoga Image 5

Lord of the Dance Pose

– Coming back to standing in mountain pose inhale your arms up to the sky, palms facing each other, drop the left hand out to the side of you, as if you are holding a tray. Bend your left knee and grab the left foot with your palm, scooping it up from the inside of the ankle so your wrist is facing away from you. Start with knees touching then kick the left leg back into your left hand and balance on the right leg. If you can get it so you see your foot above your head, you may then bend forward, otherwise, remain straight. 30 seconds per side.

Yoga Image 6

Goddess Pose

– Taking a wide legged squat so your heels are just outside the width of your mat, externally rotate your toes so they are pointing away from you. Bend your knees and try to bring your bum down so it is parallel with your thighs to the floor. Bring your hands together and bring them to your heart.


Camel Pose

– Going onto your knees from crow pose stand up straight on your knees and take a deep breath. Pressing your hands into your lower back (cup the hands firmly in the curve – as if you were putting them just halfway in your pants) exhale and tilt the upper body back, your neck releasing last to stare at the back wall. Remember to keep breathing. 1 minute for posture. You may try several times.


Corpse Pose (Final Savasana)

– Lay on your back with your palms facing up and your feet dropping to the sides. Relax completely with your eyes closed. Take this moment to indulge in the way your body feels, notice the changes from before the series. 1 minute plus.

Yoga at home is becoming ever more popular. Affordability and comfort are overtaking the statement some studios and their customers tend to make. From watching live yoga classes online to DDP Yoga creating the ultimate platform for guys to find their inner yogi, testing out the yoga world with the postures above will show you the benefits and compliments the practice can bring to your life.

Megan is a DIY health & beauty addict. She’s committed to making her itsy-bitsy apartment chemical free and her diet as unprocessed as possible. You can find her work at Gold Mountain Beauty where she is responsible for the blog, Instagram and Pinterest. If you’re interested in featuring on YW Blog, get in touch via the Contact page.




2 thoughts on “Yoga Poses For People Who Hate Yoga

  1. I like this post because you say some unpopular truths about yoga giving back it’s original meaning: you have to make it part of your life to enjoy it’s good effects. Being now so popular it’s difficult for the everyday practicer to see what part is truly useful and what is just marketing (a lot…). And the asanas you suggest are good for everyone. So… nice work, thank you for this post! 👍

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