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Introducing the lovely personal trainer, Jaydyne! Once you’ve had a read, make sure you check out her blog and twitter (links at the bottom) and if you are interested in writing a post for YW Blog please check out the Contact page and send me a email! Enjoy the post and I’ll see you soon!

Tips for changing your life to a healthy lifestyle all year round rather than just for ‘the summer’ ‘the big day’ ‘your birthday’. 

Exercise –
getting fitter, heather and exercising more can be difficult and doing it everyday for hours on end is not realistic nor healthy, a lot of people struggle with this aspect of being healthy.

  1. Make it a social event, plan to go to the gym, or a walk or for a class with your friend then it is fun, and you won’t want to let them down.
  2. Walking everywhere, leave the car at home walk everywhere, all the walks, means burning calories and fat, each one adds up and makes a difference.
  3. Don’t train everyday, keep it to 2/3 times a week, excluding your walks, make them all different from, running to classes, to gym work to dancing or swimming. Always mix it up and don’t over do it, you don’t want to get bored, you want to look forward to the days you have planned in.
  4. Keep a calendar a diary of events you want to do, classes and PT sessions you have booked for yourself. They are important meetings don’t let yourself down
  5. Think of the feeling afterwards. Think about the rush of endorphins, how good you will feel after a good workout. Focus on the positive, happiness feeling during training and afterwards.


Healthier Nutrition

  1. Keep a diary – Keep a track of what you’re eating and drinking. If unsure of where you are going wrong, then you will gather an idea and won’t need to look so in depth.
  2. Always treat yourself whether is something small daily or weekly never, punish yourself.
  3. Focus on a colourful plate, keep all the macronutrients in all carbs, protein and healthy fats don’t cut anything, they all have a key part!
  4. Research recipes – Look for cooking ideas, grab inspiration to make your cooking and healthy mind begin on the right path.
  5. Follow sites, blog, Instagram profiles that will help with deep nutritional advice for you as an individual. Everyone’s different so you can’t copy others, but other peoples advice can help.


Relaxation/ De-Stressing

  1. Go to bed earlier to watch television, Youtube, read, chill, sit in darkness or dimmed lights and slowly you will drift of better.
  2. Candles, aromatherapy oils and black out blinds can really help deep sleep and relaxation.
  3. Try out a yoga or pilates class, stretch out, do some foam rolling to help your body feel chilled.
  4. Relaxing with partners/family and friends is key too with a nice meal out, a chat and a glass of wine with friends is all key to relaxing in a healthy lifestyle.
  5. As they say laughter is the best medicine! A good laugh releases endorphins that makes you feel happier, less stressed and a more relaxed person!

Being an around healthier person comes from the body – inside and out – as well as the mind. So exercises, nutrition and relaxation works together as a whole to create a healthier, well looked after human. remember these are just my tips, my personal opinion always do your own research too..

Much love J x


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