5 Ways To Beat Your Meditation Excuses

Heyyyyyyy guys,

I hope everyone is doing well and I am glad to see you all back for another awesome wellness post! Today I wanted to take a look at why you may not be meditating and how to ultimately become the most calm, tranquil, zen person ever. There are an incredible amount of benefits that come with meditating, even for just 5 or 10 minutes a day so while it may seem like a bit of a chore and just another thing to do, this post will seek to banish all of those excuses you may have so that you can eventually become a meditating guru. So without further ado, let’s get into it!


1. You don’t see the point

Meditating is one of those things that when you first hear/ start doing it, it just seems useless and not relevant to anything. Part of living such busy lives in the 21st century, the idea of sitting in a quiet space and just breathing and being seems absolutely pointless and at first glance, I can totally understand where that viewpoint comes from.

But here is the point – meditation clears all the nonsense, all the gibberish that you don’t need. In whatever aspect of your life that you may be struggling with, meditation can create a silence, an answer to your questions – just by being quiet and listening.

2. There isn’t enough time

Some people may think that meditation is taking time away from doing something a lot more important but on a serious note, if you don’t have a spare 15 minutes max to just relax and take some time out, away from people, away from your phone or your laptop, then when are you taking time out just for you and you alone?

A quick meditation can only take about 5 minutes out of your day and it can really help with being more efficient, decluttering your mind and really help you think more clearly. It is worth it – after you brush your teeth, before you head to bed to help you switch off all your thoughts, straight after your alarm goes off in the morning, every little truly helps.

See alsoย Sleep, Get Those Hours In!


3. You can’t focus

Now, if you’re used to constantly being tuned in to your phone and being on the go, spending 10 minutes in silence, listening to your breathe can seem like an eternity but with meditation, it definitely is the case that the more you do it, the easier and more beneficial it becomes. Learning the art of patience and withstanding the silence of your own company is a skill that will be beneficial for the rest of your life.

When it comes to focus, if you are feeling too distracted and too fidgety, before you start meditating perhaps do a extra couple of deep breaths and get as comfortable as possible – get into a premeditative state before you even get started. If it’s the other way around where maybe you’re doing it at night and you’re feeling a bit on the tired side, do a bit of stretching, a couple of rapid breathes and you’ll be ready to go.


4. You haven’t seen results

With the way of meditation, it’s not something that you necessarily have to “try harder” at to do it well. It’s all about the practice of doing it regularly and your motivations behind doing it as well. If you’re meditating, sitting and waiting for something incredibly magical to happen once you close your eyes then you may be waiting a long time to get the results you want.

As said before, patience is absolutely key – patience with yourself to pick it up, patience with the practice itself. Knowing that meditation and becoming one with it is not something you earn through hard work or achievement is also part of it, of course listening to loud music at the same time is not going to help you to focus at all but as long as your motivations are pure and you genuinely want to get in touch with yourself and become more calm then it will only be a matter of time before you pick it up!


5. You find it boring

Now I picked the most popular reason for last guys and the solution is really all about patience and taking your time with it. Guided meditations are honestly your friends, they are a great way to start in meditation, they often have calming music and people speaking you through everything. It can honestly really take you into a whole other atmosphere of creativity and different thought processes. Also, with guided meditation there is a choice of what you choose to meditate on – anxiety, stress, creativity… Literally, YouTube can be your best friend when finding really good guided meditations.

While I haven’t used the guided meditation on YouTube in quite a while so I don’t really have the most up to date resources for you guys, just searching guided meditation will give you all the choice and options you need. Here’sย Kireiki Healingย which was absolute fave when I was starting out so please check them out as well as the meditation app, Headspace.


So guys, I really hope that I have managed to squash any of the excuses that you may have had before ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let me know, what are your reasons why you do not meditate, let me know and until next time!

Chenai x


4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Beat Your Meditation Excuses

  1. Hahaha I am so guilty of all of these!! Particularly number 3!

    But I’m running an Action for Happiness course next month & part of it is weekly mindfulness/meditation exercises, so I seriously need to take your advice on how to beat these excuses!

    Lorna | eatmyyythoughts.blogspot.co.uk

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