3 Advantages of Joining a Fitness Class + WeTRAIN review!

Hey guyss,

Welcome back and let’s get into a fitness post! So if you’ve read my post 4 Ways To Get Fit For Free, you will know that I (Chenai) cancelled my gym membership to save money and also because I wasn’t getting the most out of it as I should be so I am always on the lookout for cheap alternatives to get my fitness in and my heart rate pumping.

There can be a lot of anxiety surrounding classes such as people looking at you, whether you’re doing it “right” and whether you aren’t as fit/keeping up with other people in the class but have no fear! With organisations like WeTRAIN, they aim to change the way that you train, no longer making it an awkward 45 minutes but instead making it an social experience where you can bring along a couple of friends to make it a power hour and who doesn’t want that! So without further ado, let’s get into 5 advantages of joining a fitness class!


1. Variety is the spice of life!

If you’re just using the gym, you can often get caught into a trap of routine, perhaps just training areas of your body that you’re used to and perhaps not pushing your body to your full potential. By joining fitness classes, you are pushing your body and it’s limits out of it’s comfort zone. I often used to train my lower body but by increasingly going to different types of classes, I’ve learnt to start pushing my body in different kinds of ways which can be a good or bad thing!

We Train currently have a variety of classes in HIIT, yoga, dance… You are able to get completely lost in the choice of it all. One week you may want to shake a leg at a dance class while another day, a light pilates sessions will do, it’s all up to you.


2. Get that extra help

When you are solely in the gym and you don’t have a personal trainer to hand to help you out, it can be easy to get the exercises wrong, injure yourself or not get the results that you particularly want. While definitely Youtube and reading can help you out, sometimes you need that additional hands on help to make your workout as efficient as possible.

When you join a fitness class, you often can get very hands on instructors, walking around to help you out. In most occasions, in classes that I have been in, they will never willfully watch you do a move wrong and stand by and watch. Make sure when you’re choosing a class that the trainers are fully qualified and an expert in whatever they are choosing to do. It’s almost like getting that one to one help without the price tag of a personal trainer.


3. Team spirit

Have you ever been in the gym, barely started your workout and you’ve already felt as though you’re already done? When you join Wetrain, they totally make you feel comfortable, they’re patient and support you all the way. Also with the fact that you can bring along a friend or two, you can push and motivate each other to work as hard as you can. When you have an accountability partner with you while working out, it can really help to push your boundaries, build your competitiveness and help you have an awesome amount of fun as well!

Also with Wetrain, you can split the cost between friends so not only is it a totally fun experience to socialise and challenge yourself with your mates but it is also definitely going to be cheaper than the typical night out.


So, what was my class with WeTrain like?

Currently a new organisation based in South West London, I went along to a HIIT session one warm Saturday in Brixton. Now I have a love/hate relationship with HIIT and I was slyly expecting for the instructor to finish me but thankfully it was great. He was patient yet still pushing to get the best out of us. With class sizes being maximum 8 people, this is a small intimate class that was just the right size for anyone to feel comfortable and get the right amount of attention whilst still having fun!

The session lasted about a hour and great for anyone, from beginners who have never worked out their lives or for people like me, who consider themselves fairly fit. With such a localised approach to WeTRAIN with the app and the classes being in such local areas, WeTRAIN is due to catch on throughout London very quickly so don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit left out!

Overall my WeTRAIN was so so awesome and I definitely cannot wait for my chance to experience it again.


So guys, that’s it for another post, pleasee let me know whether you found these tips helpful and whether you intend on trying out WeTRAIN for yourself. Love you guys lots and lots!

Chenai x


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