For The Love Of Food!


Hey there,

In a recent conversation with a friend, we discussed how she had recently had become disillusioned with the health and wellness industry because of its conflicting information and what is or isn’t good for us. From soya to wine, tap water versus bottled, apparently even wonderful fruits are no longer good for us… When we pick up a newspaper, every kind of study from far and wide is giving us random ideas of what we should be putting into our bodies. Inspired by Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets and to avoid any more confusion, here are Y.W top tips of how to avoid the nonsense.


Now before we dive in head first into the post, I want you to release any previously dangerous thoughts about food – What you should or shouldn’t be eating or drinking, the calorie count of your meal, whether a meal/snack has too much fat/protein/carbs in it… Ecetera ecetera. Obsessively worrying about how the smallest thing will effect you isn’t healthy on the mind or the body and definitely won’t help you in the long run. Food is something you need to live and should be something that you enjoy, don’t let it be a burden on your life.


Back to basics.

Okay, so now that we have cleared our heads of any negative thoughts about food, let’s get into it. We all generally know the kind of stuff we should be eating, we shouldn’t try and over complicate things. The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are uncontestable, that isn’t a debate. It can be so easy to get yourself carried away into “OMG this *insert so called superfood here* is amazing! It’s so crucial for your health” and forget that everything that we need is already readily available. You don’t need to make sure you are controlling everything you eat/ do not eat to the T or that you are following the latest diet so that you can stay healthy and trim. You already know what you should be eating, there is no need to go to the extremes to build a unhealthy relationship with food just because of something you’ve read or someone you’ve heard. It’s time to go back to basics and start building a more healthy relationship with food.


Everything in moderation

Okay so we’ve established what we know is good for us and that we should be eating it. BUT what we also need to remember that we cannot get everything we need by staying rigid in our food groups. We know that kale is ridiculously good for us, does that mean that we should be injecting it into everything we eat or snack on? Not necessarily. What about avocados? Or sweet potatos?

Let’s use the example of water. We know we should be drinking at least 2 litres a day but what happens once you start overdoing it? It gets uncomfortable, it becomes a chore, an inconvienience to general daily life and you eventually begin to hate it and it is the exact same with our food. You don’t need to start thinking about eating healthily as a chore. Sure kale has great health benefits but forcing yourself to eat it breakfast lunch and dinner will make you resent it. Healthy eating is about bettering your health and living a more energised, fulfilling life, NOT about falling into the latest fad diet and mass consuming all the “clean” foods in sight.


Have a pizza.

Part of having a healthy relationship with food is to have that crucial balance between eating 7 donuts everyday and injecting kale into everything. In your regime there needs to be some kind of ying and yang, balance, no big extremes. Your body is a machine and is able to handle a lot of the things you may throw at it, having some greasy chips will not kill you, having a chocolate bar will not kill you – as long as you are not going to the excess, what big harm will a donut or a large pizza do?

Don’t punish yourself for the small guilty pleasures in life, enjoy and savour the food you eat.


So guys, that’s all folks! Please let me know what you think and and until next time 🙂


Chen x

By the way it is worth mentioning that I am not qualified in any way to give nutritional advice, this is all my opinion.



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