4 Ways To Get Fit For Free


Heyyyyy guys,

I have thought long and hard about this and I have recently decided to cancel my gym membership *weeps*. While this was mostly so that I can save money, I also realised that a lot of the things I was frequently doing while I was there were not things I could have exclusively done in the gym. Things like HIIT and yoga are great ways to get up and active without any machinery needed. Whilst of course gym has its place, especially if you are seeking to get big hefty gains that are not possible without weights but for those who are just wanting to feel happier and healthier, not all gains are exclusively made in the gym and through this post I really want to show you guys how to get fit out and about whilst saving money… So let’s get started!


Fitness classes.

Okay so the first one is kind of a cheat but whateves. One thing that can put some people off of gyms is maybe feeling like you are the only one who doesn’t know what they’re doing or perhaps feeling like you aren’t doing a activity correctly. One way to avoid that feeling of internal pressure and ease your way into being active is fitness classes. There are literally every kind of fitness class for every kind of level and this can really ease you into the whole fitness lifestyle. Classes are also really great for those who feel that they lose motivation easily – being surrounded by other people pushes and motivates you to keep up your energy levels so you don’t slack.

Class memberships typically tend to be cheaper than normal gym memberships and in many cases, if you want to try out whether a particular type of class is for you, taster sessions are often available discounted or even free! So it is really worth a try and see what you like.



Youtube and Apps.

Now we all know that Youtube is a wealth of basically everything that you could ever think to watch in the world but especially if you’re not feeling this gym, there is a absolutely everything you need to know to make sure your workout is as effective and well done as possible. Whether you’re trying to keep it lean and trim, become a flexible yogi, become an endurance athlete or even to get fit through dance. There is literally something for everyone so you can literally get fit from the comfort of your bedroom.

You can read more on this in my post 4 Easy Ways To Get Active here but my faves are Yoga with Adriene, The Body Coach and FitLifeTV – all of which focus on health as well as fitness for allrounded health.

Also as a sidenote, the NTC app is realllllly good for getting light beginner workouts in with very little equipment needed. The 7 minute workout and Daily Free Workouts are also very good ones to check out for high intensity yet easy to follow and fun workouts so take a look around for what suits you best.

Explore the great outdoors.

Even if you live in the heart of inner city London, there are always open spaces for you to find and get active in. Parks, outdoor gyms, even running or sprinting around your local area will do the job. When you are truly dedicated to upping your fitness and becoming healthier and getting your heart rate up, it may be hard to necessarily push yourself to become more active in such a visible space, but please know, most people are not staring at you thinking horrible negative thoughts.

When I first started running, there was a paranoia that somehow everyone was staring at me thinking that I was a weirdo because I was somehow doing it wrong but eventually the more you loosen up and lose yourself to the running, the only thing you are focused on is pushing yourself and moving with speed and endurance. So definitely have a try!



Take the stairs.

Finally, my last but one of my most important tips is to do all those little things to get your blood pumping – the things that you might consider a bit of annoyance but will actually make a lot of impact. You can be doing the absolute most to make sure you’re happy and healthy but if you are skipping corners, you could be missing the whole point.You don’t want to ruin the fun you can have in fitness by thinking of the bigger goals you have for your body whilst skipping on the little things that can help your journey.

Start taking the stairs, walking instead of taking the bus, exploring your environment and finding it fun while doing it will definitely make it easier to achieve those far away goals that might seem impossible to start with. If you’re struggling with your stamina, running up the stairs at every opportunity will definitely help that. Endurance?! Speed walking that extra mile whenever you can will help.


So guys, I really hope that this post helped you to get some ideas of how to get fit for free without a gym membership. Remember, either way it all relies on motivation and you wanting to do better for your body and your health. Comment, like and subscribe, until next time loves!

Chenai x


3 thoughts on “4 Ways To Get Fit For Free

  1. These were great tips! I recently cancelled my gym membership because the location moved far away from my house. I’m definitely going to use these tips to get more active. I enjoy saving my coins not paying for the gym honestly lol.


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