5 Ways To Love The Life You Live


Heyyyy guys,

In a world of instant gratification and a general indifference, I for one finds it very easy to slip into taking every day for granted, not seeing the beauty in the daylight, falling into the daily routines of getting up, working then coming back home. We often forget the awesome things we have to be grateful for, we can spiral into “needing” something, getting it then desperately wanting something new.

Sometimes it’s so essential and healthy to pause…. And embrace and LOVE the life you currently have. I also used to be very afraid of using the word love and no doubt, we shouldn’t throw that word around loosely, after all it is a powerful word. However, seeing the appreciation and beauty in everyday life and the people around us is powerful and we should forever be seeking to express and feel love more often.

So I really want to unpack and show you guys how to live your life in love, enjoyyyy 🙂


Take a note

Even when we are grateful or happy for the amazing things in our lives, there’s a tendency to be like ‘Ahhh, that’s nice’, then move on with our day. In order to love the life we live more, we should not those little moments we have slip away. The best solution for this is to start taking gratitude notes – whether it be in a notebook, journal, on your phone; start writing down when you are feeling good and happy in your skin. Write why you are feeling good, what triggered it and how it made you feel.

This activity really helps you to embrace happy joyous moments a lot more and seeing them as more than just temporary fleeting moments, instead you are creating memories of when you felt the most happy and in love with life. 🙂

For a deeper look at gratitude and how it can unlock your happiness in my post here: Gratitude: Key To Happiness!

Free hugs!

Okay this subtitle may be a little on the fast side but bear with me here. We can often not value our loved ones as much as we should, perhaps taking them for granted, not seeing how much we love them and how they make us happy. In order to start inviting and living our lives in love, one thing I know that helps is showing outwards displays of affection As hard as it may be, espically for those who don’t like all that lovey dovey stuff, showing appreciation every once in while won’t hurt you, in fact it will help you to appreciate them a lot more, making you and them feeling a lot better.

You might not necessarily show this through hugs, if you prefer writing it down, giving gifts or just spending quality time with them, these are other ways to express and show how much you care.




Part of living an happy and fulfilling life, filled to the brim with love and rejoicing is to acknowledge when things, situations or people might have bothered you and moving past that into a new phase of your life. People can have the idea that to forgive means to revisit this situation and have a big talk out which is not necessarily the case. When you recognise that okay, I’m bringing the past into the present, take that time to forgive, then let it go. Holding on with a clenched fist will hold you back from fully fulfilling your true purpose and becoming the person that you should be. This is not a easy task but choosing happiness over pain is worth the challenge.

Wonderful wonderful progress

Instead of looking back on your progress in perhaps pain and regret, instead rejoice in how far you’ve come and the glorious things you have accomplished. Fall in love with your journey and the person you’ve become and know that this is only the beginning!


Laugh a wholeeee lot more!

As I’ve said so many times, you literally only have one life to live. Don’t waste it thinking of the what ifs and the shoulda coulda wouldas, embrace the now! Smile more, explore, meet new people and do new things. Get out there – the world is your oyster, take the good with the bad and learn to love the life you live!


pexels-photo (1)

Go for a walk, indulge in some alone time, absorb the sun, the sights and smells. Recognise and appreciate those who you love and who love you. Take moments to yourself to start living your life in gratitude, inspiration and most of all, love.

So guys, I really hope this post inspires you to start enjoying every last second of your life in gratitude and love. Comment, like and let me know what you think.

Chenai x


2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Love The Life You Live

  1. Yes to all of this! & Especially the point about forgiveness is sooo true, there is no point in allowing your past to dictate your future happiness x

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