Embrace your weird!

Hey guys,

When I was a young teen trying to figure everything out, to be ‘different’ or not fit in the majority is seen as very much of a bad thing. Swerving too left or rocking the boat with your opinions is basically social death and Lord knows when you’re young, that’s probably the last thing that you want. As we grow older into uni and the workplace, we learn to take that step out of the bubble but yet still, to be too different is a crime,Β we can still remain scared and worried that someone will judge us for having the wrong opinion or for dreaming ‘too’ big. If you recognise yourself in this then fear not! With this post I hope you can identify your sense of identify and purpose and learn to accept yourself the way you are, let’s get started!


Identify your strengths

One of the most important ways to grow in your individuality is to embrace all that you are unashamedly without holding back on the little quirks that make you, you. As I mentioned inΒ 4 Ways To Improve Your Body Confidence, reclaiming all that you are is essential to your personal growth, taking back your strength and silencing that inner critic. This not only applys to your body image but also to personality traits that you may think are not acceptable to society and other people. Everyone has things about them that they would prefer to change, which of course is normal but being able to see the good and the bad, putting them together and seeing that you are uniquely you, is a powerful step to becoming the best possible you.

Part of this process is looking inwards and identifying what are the parts about you that you wouldn’t change for the world. Are you humourous, are you a generous, giving person? Are you that go to friend in an emergency? Identify and list all the awesome qualities about you that you’re proud of and wear them on your sleeve. These are all the amazing things that make you unique, don’t hide them away.



Say no to naysayers

On your journeyΒ to self discovery and happiness, occasionally there will be bad vibes lingering. What I mean by this is that not everyone will be your cheerleader and want to see you step out the box that they have created for you. We can let these kinds of people hold us back from being our true selves, be afraid to express our weird and wonderful selves around them and generally don’t progress with them around. If you’re lucky, you will be able to identify these energy draining people very quickly by simply seeing that they aren’t making you happy. Unfortunately, some slip through the cracks and we don’t realise the damage they are doing until later down the line.

BUT once you’ve identified them, see it as a lesson. A lesson to never let that type of negativity affect your amazingness again. You are altogether too precious to let anyone dim your shine so don’t let them! Embrace your individual quirks and wear them on your sleeve.



Unlearn negativity… Choose positivity!

Now guys, this is a hard one. Part of unlearning negativity is identifying where you lost the quirks that make you, you. When I look back on my younger years, I can clearly identify when and where I forgot to embrace my weird and let negativity in and identifying it was part of my unlearning. Can you remember when you became shy? When you started doubting yourself? When you became afraid to step out of your invisible box? We can all do ourselves a favour and start embracing our inner child, living without a care in the world, without fear of judgement, fear that we will not fit in. Part of embracing and loving all the quirks that you have is seeing where you got the idea that they were bad and no longer letting it hold you back from being your true self.

Most of the time, the reason why we hold back is because of external pressure or control but now it is time to reclaim all of you, the good and bad. CHOOSE to be altogether yourself, choose to say to no negative people and thoughts, go forth and prosper in your individuality, never letting the rain fall for too long on your parade.


Well guys, I hope you found this post helpful, please comment, share, like and tell me what you think below,

Cheers, Chenai x


4 thoughts on “Embrace your weird!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I was recently reading through my old blog posts and I realised I was sitting on the fence too much with my opinions. In real life I’m not afraid to say what I think but there’s something about the Internet that amplifies everything and tbh I got worried about what the critics would say! But I’m going to try my hardest to write about whatever I want, even if it ends up being controversial!

    I guess I’m embracing my weird too! Lol

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