#YWFeatures: Talking Wellness With @AlessiaBlog!

#YWFeatures is back with a interview with the lovely @AlessiaBlogs! Without too much chitchat, here you have it, if you want to be featured on YourWellness, contact me here…
Hey Alessia! Introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Hey Chenai and hello to your beautiful readers 🙂 My name is Alessia, I’m Italian but I’ve been living in France for the past 5 years to study Marketing and Management but over the past year I’ve developed a huge passion for anything related to wellness, because I’ve realized that there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing people taking care of themselves and living as their best version.
So in July of last year I’ve transformed this passion into something more by starting my blog Follow Your Inner Light where I share a lot of my personal experiences and tips about personal development and how to live a more conscious life, and this year I took the leap and decided to enroll in two different trainings, to become a Yoga teacher which is a passion I’ve been having for a few years and a Life Coach to help people one-to-one reveal their inner light !
I’m almost at the end of both trainings and in the process of creating my own business which is scary and very exciting at the same time 🙂
Apart from this passions, I love spending time with my friends, connecting with like-minded people like you, and visiting new places to eat healthy in Paris and travelling around.
2. What does being happy and healthy mean to you?
Great question! For me being happy and healthy means
First of all knowing yourself, really connect with your essence and accept it , because only in this way you know what your body and mind need to feel good. And stop comparing your way of being with others, because we’re all unique and need different things to feel good!
For example for me it was a great step to acknowledge my own body rhythm and accept that I am the best version of myself when I sleep enough hours per night eat fresh food and take some “me time” to recharge my batteries. When I stopped beating myself up for not going faster and multi-task more like I thought the others were doing, I felt so much lighter and my life took a much sweeter turn and I actually started to be more productive.
Also for me being happy and healthy means doing regular exercise, which for me it’s lot of yoga and walks around my beautiful neighborhood and parks in Paris ( that’s what I’m doing today after this interview because it’s such a beautiful sunny day !), dedicating time to the people I love and being really present when I’m with them, so focusing on the quality of time spent together and not quantity, and don’t forget to be silly and do one just for fun everyday!
3.What are the daily tips and tricks you stick by to stay calm and collected in a chaotic world?
The moment I’ve realized that I’m an introverted by nature really helped me to develop some tricks to feel at my best in this chaotic world!
For me personally having some quiet time by myself is essential to fill my cup so I can give more to the society everyday.
This looks like having a morning routine which includes a glass of hot water with lemon juice, writing in a journal how I feel that day and what I want to create or where I’ll focus my attention. Lately I wake up with tons of thoughts in my head and writing them down straight away really help me reduce the anxiety of the day.
Then I do some easy yoga , like a couple of sun salutations to wake up my body and I meditate for at least 5 minutes or more. I use guided meditations, I like to try different ones, for example today I’m taking this 12 days meditation challenge by my dear friend Ariadne and I’m loving it. Other times when I feel particularly stressed I just put a timer and meditate in silence and it calms my mind.
Another tool that really helped me in the last couple of months when I’ve started to share my time among different activities, like my yoga training, my coaching clients, my blog and the rest of my life I’ve found it very useful to schedule everything in different Google Calendars. It may seem obvious but I’ve struggled for months to get organized and when the moment I’ve started to schedule everything on the calendar I’ve felt so much lighter and I have a day a week, usually Monday morning when I look at my general To-do list ( which it’s like a brain dump of all the things that go through my head)  and I decide when to place the different tasks as well as new ideas in my planning.
Being organized really changed my life and made me feel more calm and empowered about the way I use my time.
One tip there is to not over schedule your time. Just choose the top 3 priorities and if you do more it’s an added value! This helps me decrease my stress levels a lot.
One last tip that I want to share it’s to schedule some time to just be. To do nothing and just stare at the trees out of the window or sit on the couch. In today’s society the idea of doing nothing is very scary. People are afraid to spend time with themselves and are terrified of getting bored.
But I’m a firm believer that getting bored from time to time is so healthy ! And it actually helps regenerate your energy and get your creativity flowing. Just think of children playing and having fun with anything around them. We need to get bored to have new and fresh ideas 🙂
4. If there is one uplifting piece of advice you could give to someone who may be discontent or distressed in their life and is seeking a message of encouragement, what would it be?
I would say that you’re not alone, and that it’s perfectly ok to feel this way from time to time! You’re human and passing a difficult moment will help you raise stronger and happier than before, because it’s the time in which you face your fears and you understand what it’s really important for you in life.
I spent years having a general sense of dissatisfaction and not knowing why or what was missing in my life. I was valuing my life according to external achievements and waiting for people to approve me and tell me how to be happy and giving me the authorization to follow my dreams.
Until after repeating the same patterns over and over again and feeling discontent and disconnected from myself  I’ve realized that I had the power in my own hands. The power to make choices, and in general to make my own rules and that no one will come and shake your hand and tell you “Congratulations, you’re now eligible to follow your dreams” 😉 It’s all up to you and to take action to move forward.
So to the women reading this interview I would just say ” This moment, here and now, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for to change your life, to take back your personal power and do what you really feel in your heart”
Wow, what an awesome, insightful interview! You can check out Alessia at Follow Your Inner Light, instagram @ AlessiaGandolfo and twitter @AlessiaBlog. Alessia is a passionate writer, lover of all things wellness and yoga, gypsy soul, big dreamer and above all life adventurer in a transformational journey. She is a Life Coach and very soon a vinyasa yoga teacher with a background in Marketing and Management. She lives in Paris and shares her time between there and Rome where her family lives.

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