4 Ways to Work More Efficiently


Heyyy guys,

Since I’ve started this blog, balancing work and my passion has proved to be hard. When you get home from a long day at work the last thing you want to do is work on something else again. But if there is something that has always kept me going throughout it all is having a proper routine in place so I am working hard yet not dragging myself through the dirt in the process.

It can be very hard to get that work life balance right where you are ticking things off your to-do list while still being in control of your wellbeing and your sanity. Whether you’re studying or working, hopefully this post can give you a couple of ideas of how to work hard but efficiently.


1. Set out a timetable… And pioritise

Previously before I organised my life and knew what I was doing at any particular time, I used to half start about 4 tasks at a time but hardly finish 1, which is where I realised how I should be effectively using my time. Rather than multitasking (which by the way, doesn’t actually work), I create I list every morning and pioritise the tasks that should be done by the end of the day. By writing it down, I am holding myself accountable for getting the important things finished while at the same time, not overwhelming myself with all the things I need to do.

See also: 4 Ways To Feel Stress Free In The Workplace. for more great tips on how to stay sane in the workplace.

2. Don’t punish yourself

Okay, so you’ve set out your timetable and started your to do list but you’re still finding it difficult to get done what you want to get done. We’ve all been there and you just have to keep it moving. There are only so many hours in the day and unless you want to collapse from overworking yourself, cut yourself some slack. You really are only human and sacrificing sleep  or your free time beyond reason will only mean you end up more stressed, more under pressure and frustrated that things aren’t moving as fast as you would hope.


Know that you are human first and foremost and there are only so many hours in a day, there is always room to get things done without burning out in the process and punishing yourself. Your body reacts more to stress than you think and when you are pressuring and forcing yourself to do something, you only end up losing motivation for what you want to get done. The race is not for the swift, it is for those who endure till the end, pace yourself and don’t be too  hard on yourself to succeed.


3. Give yourself breaks

Leading on from my previous point, if you’re there sitting in one spot for hours, you will eventually drain yourself of motivation to still be doing it. With the Pomodoro technique, there is a slightly more fair and better way to work. What you do is work HARD for 25 minutes then take a complete break for 5 and repeat. 25 minutes is just about long enough for you to actually do some work but not enough for you to be burnt out and the 5 minute break is short enough for you not to get lazy and not want to return to your work.

You can adjust this method accordingly to suit you. For me, I find that 25 minutes is way too short since I’m still very deep into my work for me to just walk away after 25 minutes so a 40 minute work to a 10 minute break is more suited to me. But you get the point, don’t work to the point of exhaustion, work effectively and efficiently so that you can always keep the energy and motivation levels up.



4. Remember to live your life

You only have one life to live so while it is essential for you to hustle hard, whether it be for university or school work, your actual job or your side hustle, you cannot neglect your health and extra curricular activities that bring you joy. These are those things that make you happy, that can take your mind off the wall you may have to climb up and instead revives you and gives you the energy to return back to your work and succeed in it. Again, we cannot work for hours upon end without wanting to collapse at some point so by setting up a timetable and sticking to time limits, we stay motivated to push on.

Whether it’s going to the gym, meeting with friends, going to the cinema, even taking yourself on a date, there are ways to take a breather and relax without burning out. Smile, laugh and remember all work and no play makes you a very dull person!


Well guys, that’s all folks. I hope this post brought some new ideas to you of how to work more effectively and efficiently. Please comment, like and tell me what other tips you have!

Chenai x


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