DIY: Cacao Body Butter


Hey guys,

In an attempt to become more natural in every sense of the word, I made my first every batch of body butter! When you look at the back of your favourite moisturiser, apart from water, the ingredients are usually words that anybody who is not a scientist would have real trouble pronouncing let alone knowing exactly what it is. Since I have previously put in work to make my own hair products such as conditioner, I knew it wouldn’t be that hard to make my own rich body butter and I was right.

As for the reason why I chose cacao; not only does it have an amazing smell (chocolate, hello!) but when I looked into it, it also has great benefits to the skin such as hydration, anti aging qualities, natural sun screen and helps to rebuild skin cells, helping you get that glowing, fresh look and who doesn’t want that! Along with the other ingriedients that I added (see below), they all add together to make a ultra moisturising body butter that doesn’t dry out throughout the day. For those reasons I made my own chocolatey body butter; rich, locks in moisture  and absolutely smells good enough to eat!

Without further ado, find below what I did to make my delish Cacao body butter!



You will need…

Organic Shea butter

Organic Coconut Oil

Aloe Vera Gel

And last but not least, Cacao (purchased online here)!

I pretty much measured everything out by just doing what felt right to me but with the shea butter especially, adjust accordingly to how thick you want it or add more coconut oil to make it more liquidy.

For other great uses for coconut oil, check out Versatile Snack Swaps! for great healthy food swaps!

Put it all together and blend blend blend!

When I’ve seen other people make their body butters, I’ve seen that some people have melted it all together which is great if you want a really smooth consistency but I really did not want to lose any of the nutrients in the process of melting so mine was on the chunky side but it’s up to you.

And there it is!

Your very own, homemade chocolatey goodness! If you’re like me where this is the very first time you have made a body product which you will use everyday from scratch, you should be very proud of yourself! You know every single ingredient, so you will be 100% free of any nasty sounding chemicals on your skin which is a total win. This product has a long shelf life and is totally adaptable so if you want to add vanilla essence, lavender or anything you want really, it really is so simple to make and when you’re walking down the street smelling gorgeous, you can thank me later!


And that’s all folks, short but sweet post this week 🙂 Let me know if you’re tried it out and tell me what you think,

Chenai xx



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