Versatile Snack Swaps!



Hiiiiiiiii guys,

I think I speak for everyone when I say that giving up those little treats here and there is HARD. Everyone has those little vices that makes life a little bit sweeter; it can be that cheeky croissant before work *guilty as charged :(*, those chocolate bars while you’re studying or that fizzy sugary drink you have in your lunch break that feels soo good at the time but you know that it is no good for you. Well in this post I want to give 4 substitutes that are flexible and can be adjusted to your own personal wants. It will be making those changes will be impacting your health positively but it will also be tasting great! Let’s get started!


  1. Dark chocolate

I honestly think this one is the hardest but probably most rewarding swap you could make to be very honest. When you are eating a milk chocolate block and are mindful to your tastebuds and what you can taste, you will notice one major thing: All you can taste is sugar, for reals, it is mindblowing how one dimensional the flavour is once you start paying attention.


By contrast, once you start introducing dark chocolate as your indulgent treat, you will notice that there are a lot of flavours to be discovered. Apart from it obviously being much better for you, there is a richness and satisfaction that you get when you eat it which means you won’t want to devour the whole pack in a day. It doesn’t leave that horrible, too sweet residue in your mouth, one or two cubes is enough to give you your chocolate fix without feeling guilty or having a sugar rush.

Top tip  though, if you’re going to buy dark chocolate, buy quality. It’s one of those things where if you buy the cheapest brand you find, it is going to be the most bitter, disgusting things ever. My favourite brand is Seed and Bean which still isn’t too expensive but their flavours are great without that horrible bitter taste.


2. Coconut

We all know how much coconut can be very versatile and there are many uses for it but from sweet to savoury, coconut can be used as a great tasty snack you can’t get bored of. From coconut milk, water, oil and the meat, you can literally use coconut in every thing that you eat and drink in a day. My personal favourite use is dried coconut flakes, its soft crunch has such a almost sweet but fresh flavour that you don’t get sick of, unique but intriguing.

Dried coconut can be a great in your morning porridge with bananas or eaten like crisps as a snack, it really is such a versatile snack that is so great for you without the added guilt of some other snacks!



3. Dried Fruit

Fruit in it’s fresh form is delicious and awesome in its own right but putting in account the short shelf life and sometimes the lack of availability of more unique fruits, it can sometimes be hard to fit it in as much as you would like. However once fruit becomes dry, not only can it survive for much longer but the flavours become a lot more interesting and something you can mix and match and experiment with. My personal favourite is dried mango, it is actually really addictive and concentrated in flavour.

One warning I would spill out to you is that because it is dried, you would think you were not eating a lot because the pieces may be smaller but you could end up eating half a pineapple, two mangos or half a punnet of strawberries in one sitting because it is still a whole fruit, even though the pieces are small.

Another top tip though, if you aren’t keen on dried fruit but you are not someone who eats fresh fruit in bulk so you often end up with spoiled fruit, freeze it! Frozen bananas, grapes and berries are absolutely delicious in smoothies and porridge and are great ways to preserve your fruits while making a different use out of them!



4. Nuts

Lastlyyyy, we have those nutritious, oily bite sized things called nuts. From almonds, to cashews, macadamia and pistachios; they are awesome and vary in flavours and uses. Packed with healthy fats, protein, nutrients and minerals, I think we should be shouting about the awesomeness of nuts more often! However some nuts are a lot more better for you than others, almonds and cashews are jam packed with calcium, fibre and protein compared to some other nuts while peanuts are naturally very oily so you may experience breakouts if you binge on them.

They can be used in breakfast meals, desserts (cake, cheeky), a general snack on the go or even in your salad for a crunch. The only thing I would warn you about is just to not go crazy as I’ve said before, it is very oily so less really is more in this case.


Sooooooo, that’s all folks! I hope you found this post helpful and please let me know in the comments, what are your favourite versatile snack swaps??

Until next time!

Chenai 🙂




3 thoughts on “Versatile Snack Swaps!

  1. Recently tried dried coconut and it is so delicious. I use it as a topping on my porridge which I make with coconut milk. It’s such a delicate flavour that it’s not coconut overload.

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