Your Body Is A Temple.


Heyyyy guys,

For those that may be newbies to my blog, I have a strong interest in health and how what you consume is reflected on the outside. With this post, I really want to start an inner dialogue with you guys to really question the motives and desires behind your actions and habits. Let’s start off!

Firstly, in general terms, what are you struggling with in your life?

In life generally, there is not a lot of things that we have total control over. Things like the weather, whether people like us or not or how our mood differs on a week to week basis are things that we have fairly little control over, but within our bodies, there can be a lot of problems that we face that while we think they are just part of life that we can handle, there are fixes that we can use that aren’t expensive or something that we have to use long term treatments for.

If you’re someone who suffers from acne, fatigue, stress, frequent common colds… These are annoying things that any of us can suffer from, yet it can stop us from fulfilling our true full potentials and growing in self acceptance and confidence.

It’s not all about the physical…

A lot of the time, things that we may be suffering from internally can come to light on the surface, if you aren’t getting enough sleep you may find that your skin, hair and body suffers because it hasn’t had enough time to regenerate for the next day. If we’re stressed, we are a lot more likely to suffer from headaches, get pimples, have a generally more negative outlook on life which in turn just adds to the stress that you’re trying to get away from in the first place.

Our mind and bodies are connected in more ways that we like to believe, this is where holistic health comes into play. Are you looking after yourself inside and out? Or are you only pioritising the physical? Are you treating the symptoms and not the cause? We all need to be looking inwards more often and seeking the answers to our problems that way, rather than spending money or time seeking external answers.



We have the power.

I have a strong belief that a lot of the answers that we seek can come from within us, the problems and issues that can arise can be solved simply by looking inwards. Increasing headaches? Drink more water! Can’t get a good nights sleep? Read Sleep, Get Those Hours In! and put your phone down! Every action causes a reaction and if we can control what we’re eating, watching and doing in our spare time, we can absolutely change something about us that is causing us harm, mentally and physically. Stop thinking that other people have the answers to our questions, look inside and challenge yourself to do better for your mind and your body.

If you’ve identified a habit that is not doing you any favours in the long term, challenge yourself to find a healthier alternative. Taking from my #30DayChallenge, by researching and investigating what is best for your and your body, you’re empowering yourself to grow in knowledge and not just mindlessly consuming things that are nutritionally dense. Learning and growing in your knowledge of foods and practices that can make you a healthier, happier you.



Love all that you are.

You are a work in progress and still have many many things to learn, be proud in your achievements and the steps you have made to become the person you are today, never doubt your capabilities to become a better healthier you, it is never too late to change an unhealthy mindset. You are more than capable, your body is more than capable to do incredible things, fuel and flex your body to get the most out of yourself!

Self love is definitely work that even me myself is always struggling with. One of the main things to ask of yourself is, are you treating yourself the way you would like to be treated? Are you eating to live? Are you moving and exploring like the world is your oyster? Carpe Diem is real, let everyday be a day of action, love and happiness.


Sooo, that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know, what practices do YOU use to cherish the body that you’re in?



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