#YWFeatures: Fitting In Fitness by LibbyHealthBites!

Hey guys, it’s Chenai here 🙂 Welcome to the new awesome feature of Your Wellness Blog: #YWFeatures! Here I will have fellow wellness, foodie, fitness bloggers talking about a given topic that they’re passionate about. I’m so excited to get this kickstarted and hopefully I should be having a #YWFeatures every week or so, give or take so stay tuned!
So my first #YWFeatures guest is Libby at Libbys Health Bites, an awesome food blogger who has a lot of great tips and advice to offer on fitting in healthy habits around a busy lifestyle. Enjoy guys xx

I work full time as a trainee accountant, and included with my office work is time spent at college and university in order to obtain a degree and become chartered. I also love health and fitness, and know I won’t be satisfied at the end of a day unless I’ve had a bit of a sweat on and eaten some scrummy healthy meals (obviously just the meals on rest days!).
So here are my top tips for incorporating fitness into your lifestyle if it’s as busy as mine and you struggle to make it all fit in:
1. Prepping meals in advance
I know for me if I fall of the wagon and end up snacking on a piece of cake because there’s nothing else around I can say goodbye to my planned workout. What you eat can make a massive difference to your mood and so having lots of healthy snacks and meals prepared, (I always carry a Primal Pantry in my handbag as a great paleo snack) can make a difference. Rather than writing off a day because I feel sluggish over indulging on bad foods – I find eating well (lots of fresh protein and vegetables) can drive me to work out! It also starts a positive mental cycle and so I find it rather than giving up and saying I may as well continue to eat chocolate lying on a sofa I will manage to keep on the healthy road.
2. Scheduling workouts at the start of the week
I am a big organiser and a friend bought me a weekly planner as a pad of paper for Christmas. I love to sit down on a Sunday and fill in for the week. I think it’s so important to allow time for the session you want to fit in, you wouldn’t cancel a coffee date if it’s been planned in advance so why cancel a gym session/class!
3. Set realistic goals
Create a short-term, medium and long term goals, so you can progress and see changes as a positive result of your fitness. There’s no point saying “I must go to the gym everyday” if you’ve never been before! Set a reasonable goal to start with – I will go three times a week and then build up from there.
4. Make fitness part of your routine
I love meeting friends for a yoga class (and going for coffee after) or combining our LISS sessions with a walk altogether in the park. Plan social activities around your fitness classes and then it becomes force of habit to go! For example my Mum now goes to the same yoga studio as me and so we meet there once a week without fail for a catch-up.
5. Plan short sessions
I can’t stand wasting time in the gym, I am definitely a HIIT (interval training) follower as you can get maximum impact from a short amount of time. Planning an effective session definitely helps with a busy schedule.
6. Don’t use money as an excuse!
There’s no reason you can’t exercise at home/outside so don’t allow not having a gym membership to put you off exercising – look online and there’s tonnes of videos on youtube for workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. On days when I really can’t spend more than 15 mins working out I will often do a quick training session as I wake up to get my day started – that way I can’t use the time spent driving to and from the gym as an excuse.
7. Do something you enjoy!
No point wasting an hour doing an activity you don’t enjoy so try lots of different types – the gym floor (weights and cardio machines), different fitness classes and see what makes you smile while working out – whether its zumba or pilates its still a workout and so important to enjoy!
I hope you enjoyed my tips, head over to my blog/instagram to see my healthy eating and fitness loves at the moment and thanks Chenai for hosting me!
P.S If you’re into Wellness and are interested in writing a post or answering interview style questions on my blog, fly over to my Contact page to email me, Thanks guys 🙂

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