Conquering fear: Out Of Your Comfort Zone!



Heyyy guys,

This is going to be a bit of a different post from me simply because this is a battle that I know a lot of people are facing, myself included. There’s a lot of external pressure  to look a certain way, to conform and to believe in a certain doctrine. It is hard enough to battle these pressures without even looking on the pressures we put on ourselves.When looking at our futures, it is normal for us to dream big dreams but then the inner critic struts in and cancels our plans, it says there’s noo way that is achievable, you’re too ____ or too ____ for that to work, it’s better for you to settle and do this anyway, stick to what you’re comfortable with *hissssssss*

I myself have battled this fear, I enjoyed being comfortable, I enjoyed being on the outside in my own little world but I came to realise; that little tumblr quote was right: Nothing ever grows in the comfort zone. I had to learn to push myself, challenge myself to be the best person I can possibly be, put myself in new situations, meeting new people. Trust me, as someone who didn’t like putting myself out there, this wasn’t easy but I am reaping the benefits and you can too. I really hope that you guys learn something new from this post and spread the word!


You are the only one running your race.

One of the most important things I’ve learnt in order to be more fearless with my ambitions is knowing that you are in it for yourself. If you don’t have hope and faith in achieving what you want then don’t trust anyone else will either. Do not base your opinions on what others may be doing or saying, this is all you. When pursuing your dreams, depending on what other people may think or feel of your ideas isn’t how you will be happy and willing to pursue what you have your heart set on. Everyone has opinions, some will be helpful, some not – ALL are temporary. 

You know what you want to achieve and I’m sure you want what is best for you, so think your decisions and movements through thoroughly, of course ask for advice or help if you need it but be the pilot of your own plane, the captain of your own ship. Be the inspiration to your own damn self! No man is a island but if there’s one person you have, you can count on and should be the number one person in your life, it should be yourself so keep an eye on yourself and your own goals.

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Seize the moment.

While I am not saying you must be one of those people who constantly takes risks and never thinks things through, you should resist the urge to overthink. Overthinking means that instead of going with your instinct, making a decision and moving forward, you remain stuck, getting yourself worked up over details and frustrations that don’t really matter in the bigger picture. Overthinking can lead to anxiety, nervousness over the ‘what ifs’, forgetting one major factor: You only have ONE single life to live, don’t sit and ponder over what may or may not happen, seize the moment. Seize opportunities, new and maybe slightly scary situations. Go with your instincts, jump into it because you never know the skills or people you may meet that will propel you into new opportunities. Don’t stagnant with your inner critic, move forward in hope and possibilities!


Baby steps.

This point is a subjective one, different people have different methods so find what works for you but one thing I found helpful to conquer my fears is to sometimes take a step back, see how far I’ve come then think about my next step. When you get caught up in the whole bigger picture and get washed away in how your life will be in the next 10 years or so, you forget to look around in gratitude and happiness, you will always be looking to the next great life changing moment, forgetting that the small victories are worth celebrating too.

Whenever you catch yourself in a whirlwind, thinking that everything isn’t right, things aren’t going the way you planned, remember it’s the little tiny baby steps that made you who you are today, be proud of yourself!

For more on gratitude and how it can encourage a more successful, happy life, check out my post Gratitude: Key To Happiness!



Stay calm.

One of the main things is to always remain in control and never lose who you are and what you want, never let your mood or how you may feel on a particular day change your goals. Too often, we allow what we may think or feel on a particular day to affect our actions. While we shouldn’t be like heartless emotionless robots, endeavoring to stay calm and resilient despite the chaos surrounding us is something to focus on. When the walls are shaking and there is an urge to do something you might not usually do, remember to take deep breaths, hold and release through your mouth, repeat this a couple of times and focus not on the problem but the solution. Calm rationality in the face of adversity or negativity will not only put you in a focused state of mind but you will be able to focus on the solution rather than dwelling and fixating on the problem.


Well guys, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I think I will definitely do a follow up to this post, I feel like I have only touched on the foundations and there is much more to cover… Watch this space!


Chenai xx








5 thoughts on “Conquering fear: Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

  1. Hey Chenai,

    Great blog and this is definitely one of my favourite posts! People will gain a lot from these words!

    You are definitely going to go far! 🙂

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