Making A GREAT Morning Routine


Hey guysss,

I always maintain that the most important hour of your day is the hour after you wake up, it really sets the tone for your day and when you’re working any kind of job, it is VITAL to make sure you are starting the day right so you feel good for the rest of the day. It can be very easy to not see the importance of a good morning routine and just skip through the bare minimum so you are looking and feeling medicore but not GREAT – the way you should be feeling. While I am in no way saying this will be easy, trust me; some days it will be hard to muster up any kind of energy to get out of bed on time let alone setting up a great routine in place, you will thank me later that you have set up a solid routine in place. So when you are leaving the house, you have a uplifted positive spirit, not a horrid ugggghhh mood. In no particular order, let’s get started!


Breakfast – THE most important meal of the day

Listen, if you get NOTHING else from this post, pleaseeee take this one in. Breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day, it gives you that natural boost of energy that prepares you for everything that the day has to offer. From a personal standpoint, from when I wake up in the morning, having my shower and putting on my clothes for the day, I am basically still asleep. I am on autopilot, I’m in my routine, barely having my eyes open. It is literally only after I have eaten my daily bowl of nutritious porridge that I am aware of everything that needs to be done. Ever since I gave up coffee at the beginning of the year, having that natural, filling breakfast half an hour after I’ve woken up has gained a whole new type of importance, something to fuel my body until lunchtime. I honestly cannot emphasise enough how it should be the first, most important thing you NEED to start your day right.

Without that first meal within that first hour of you waking up, say hello to a lack of energy, moodiness and a general negative energy about you. Even if you are one of those people who usually doesn’t eat breakfast at the start of the day, honestly, try it out for at least two weeks and you will see a stark difference with how much your energy lasts and how much better you feel just by making that small change to your routine!

Your phone can wait

Now that you are considering including breakfast into your regime, it’s now time to be aware. As previously mentioned, I usually am basically asleep until I have breakfast but something that helps me start the day right, with no distractions or annoyances is that I stay far away from my phone in that hour after I get up. I previously used to make it a habit of getting up first thing in the morning and going on Twitter. Not only was I bombarding myself with trivial pictures and randomness when my eyes were barely open but I was also not yet showing gratitude, happiness that the day had started. I wasn’t thinking about how the day was going to go, what I needed to do, I was filling my brain with things that could have waited rather than thinking about things that would have actually been more useful to my day.

Generally, every moment wasted is a moment that you will never get back. Sometimes put down your phone and focus on what is in front of you, there is so much to look forward to, make it matter!

For more about how how putting down your phone can help you not only at the beginning of the day but also at night, check out Sleep, Get Those Hours In!



While I usually don’t have in the mornings to meditate so I do it at night, the benefits of doing it before you start your day are astounding. As I’ve previously mentioned in my previous post, meditation can really help to clear your head, gather a different perspective, categorise your thoughts and get you rearing to go! When I have done it in the mornings, immediately after I have finished, I feel energised and excited to start my day. It really gives you a immediate boost, yet not one that you may feel the need to crash; it is a natural high that anyone can benefit from. I really do suggest you read my post on Meditation 101 just so you can see more of the benefits that meditation has to offer!

Waking your face up  

Last but definitely not least, you need to feel even more good about yourself by beautifying your gorgeous self! I myself underestimated the importance of looking refreshed when you leave your house, but it is actually very important, not because of the obvious reasons of vanity but mentally, it gives off a “I’m ready for whatever the world has to offer” kind of vibe. It makes you feel mentally stronger, ready and prepared to slay your day. While you shouldn’t make beautifying yourself the biggest part of your routine, it’s more of an mental boost so that when you do leave your house, you are awake looking fresh and ready to face the world.


So guys, I hope this post has given you some ideas on what you can do to up your mornings. If you’ve got any great tips, I would really love to hear from them below and stay tuned for next weeks post 🙂


Chenai xx



12 thoughts on “Making A GREAT Morning Routine

  1. Usually showering wakes me up in the morning. I eat breakfast everyday because I know that I won’t be enthusiastic about the day if I don’t.

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