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So in this post I really want to investigate the idea of breaking an addiction; now I am specifically talking about sugar and those glorious sugary snacks we all love but this can apply to whatever you want – coffee, fizzy drinks etc.

It is often said that physically, it only take as little as a couple of days to break an addiction but mentally it can take us 30 whole days to fully get the habit out of our systems. This truly speaks volumes that we can allow our minds to hold us back, even when physically we’re over it. To make the mind stronger and more able to take on the task of the 30 day challenge and successfully win it, I’ve come up with a couple of points that are designed to help us along the journey to mentally healthier and stronger you.


Well done!

By cutting out something that you may depend on day to day to feel comforted there are numerous benefits that you gain by challenging yourself and taking that leap. Reaching out and realising that something may be doing you more harm than good, taking the leap to commit to taking it out for 30 days and sticking by it is great and something to be incredibly proud of.

Just by choosing to take on the challenge, even if you do not manage to complete it is a step in the right direction. You could have chosen to ignore that there was a problem, sat down and continued doing something which you knew wasn’t a great habit to have but you made a choice to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone; and for that, if no one else will, I would like to say well done and let’s look to the future to make this a great 30 days!

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Don’t go cold turkey – it doesn’t work.

While it works for some people to go completely rogue and cut something out of their own inner strength and brain power, for the majority of people, it’s not that easy. When people like me try to do that, we struggle for a couple of days then completely fold, failing miserably.

One way I find that really helps on the 30 day challenge is tapering it off before you start. Let’s say you are stopping crisps for 30 days, maybe a week or so before you intend to start on the challenge, start mentally preparing yourself, start cutting down and saying no more to your favourite flavours and start looking at alternatives that are better for you. That way, when you do start the challenge, you are already moving forward prepared to take it on. Going full on cold turkey can sometimes just shock your body to the point where you end up craving and eating it more if you hadn’t gone into the challenge in the first place. But when you have mentally prepared yourself for what’s to come, it only seems like a natural progression to stop eating it completely and move on to something that can sustain you better anyway.

Reap the benefits

You get so much by challenging yourself for only 30 days. For a start it’s great for practicing self discipline. In a world filled with instant gratification, it is very easy to get anything when and where you want it without too much of a fuss. By even attempting to do the 30 day challenge, you are training your mind to say no, allowing you to gain some self control over your body and mind. Also you will also feel a strong sense of accomplishment by taking this on, the challenge is not easy and by completing it and denying yourself of something that is readily available, you have shown yourself to have a strong willed, disciplined character, able to do what others have failed to do and for that you deserve to feel accomplished. This is a victory!

Another major benefit is being able to save money. If you’re deciding to give up something like sweeties, sugar and the like, you will definitely notice that when you look in your wallet or at your bank statement, you will have more change to play with that you can put towards something a little more useful to your wellbeing. While we may not think a £1 here or there makes a huge difference in the current moment, looking back on how much I used to spend on things that weren’t fueling me makes me shudder. Saving money is definitely a strong benefit, even if you may not have entered into the challenge for that reason.



Enjoy the ride!

While no one said that it would be an easy ride, it is definitely a fulfilling one where you can learn more about your weaknesses and strengths and work on both. To be more mindful and aware of how you’re feeling throughout the 30 days, it can help to keep a diary or document it somehow, this is your journey,open up yourself to express how you feel about it; whether it is easier than expected or something you are struggling with.

Be honest with yourself BUT don’t be too hard on yourself. If you slip up, there is no need for feelings of guilt or frustration. Instead, question what triggered you to go back and what you can do to pick yourself up again.

The #30DayChallenge is a great way to get to know yourself and test your limits; enjoy it and use your experience as a tool for growth!


Well guys, I really hope you’d enjoyed this post and that it has inspired you to undertake your own challenge. Please let me know how you guys go and whether this post has helped!


Peace and love xx


7 thoughts on “#30DayChallenge

  1. Brilliant post. I feel inspired to take up at 30 day challenge to cut added sugar, but I find it difficult because then I can’t make healthy desserts for my blog! Do you think I should give it a go?

    1. Thank you for the comment! You should definitely give it a go and experiment. Maybe try it out with natural alternatives like honey or stevia because not only does it give a much richer flavour but a little goes a long way so you don’t need as much. You could also try experimenting with fruits like raisins, also for different kinds of flavours. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

      1. Hey 🙂 Good thinking with the raisins. I already try and use natural sweeteners like mashed banana or dates, but I know they’re quite sugary as well!!

      2. Yes that’s true, but less is always more! Pomegranates and plums are good for a sweet but also quite unique, almost sharp flavour. Also fruits in the berry family are also flavoursome but not too sweet 🙂

  2. Great post always, beauty! You know what? I have been trying to discipline myself to do a month diet of green juices, smoothies and salads, BUT I never could. I’m just a carbs girl. I love my bread, spaghetti, rice, etc. I gave up eventually after failing numerous times. Ha!! Thanks for the tips, but I need more HELP! Ha!
    Happy weekend 🙂


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