Making Healthy Food More Enjoyable.


Hey guys,

So with all this talk about what you should be eating and how to be the healthiest you you can be, knowing where to start can be a big challenge. You might just jump in the deep end thinking that you should just buy  all of the fruits and vegetables you can find or decide to “diet” (don’t get me started on that word). The things that bother me about these two extreme ways to get healthier is that they aren’t permanent. Eventually you are going to want chocolate and have a cheeky takeaway, and these two ways promote guilt when you do indulge, they do not sustain your body in the best way for in the long term and you will only end up folding at the end of the day. The main thing to know is that it is not that hard to start fueling your body in the right way and getting the right things into your body without going over the top.

So in this post I will proceed to talk about how to make healthy food more accessible so that you are making it a permanent part of your life, not just a fad that does nothing for you.


Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a great way to stay to stay grateful and pay more attention to the delights of daily life that we miss out on because we are attached to our phones or we just take things for granted. When we practice mindfulness when it comes to food, you are able to savour and embrace the taste; not only seeing it as just food but recognising all the flavours that you are experiencing. There’s no rush or just eating because you feel peckish, instead you are enjoying your food and what you are putting inside your body.

Once you start practicing mindfulness you realise very quickly that some food are stimulating; unique flavours, something transformed into something delicious, some that you may not like but nevertheless, food that you have an opinion about. Other types of food, on the other hand, don’t have much depth to them, maybe the only identifiable flavour you will note is saltiness. Once you truly start delving into the flavours and tastes that you experience whilst eating, you will want to seek out food that intrigue and stimulate your taste buds rather than foods that are one dimensional.


Research research research.

One of the main things that turned me off harmful foods and onto fuelling sustainable foods is finding out what those foods contained. So many great foods that we may consume weekly, have some great benefits that seek to fuel us and make our bodies happier. Things like spinach, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, are all easy things that we can eat that are easy to find, won’t break the bank and doesn’t take much effort to try and squeeze into our meals.

Research is also important if you’ve got any intolerances as well. How we are in our bodies can be helped by what we consume. If you have an intolerance to a particular food, researching alternative ways to get your calcium in for example will help you in the long  run. Research can also help you a lot if you want to experiment with your recipes and the types of food you eat. Healthy doesn’t equal boring salads, you can spice it up!

Treats won’t kill you.

All that being said about the right types of food to eat, denying yourself a drink when you go out or a slice of the birthday cake at a party only serves as unecessary punishment. As long as you are not making it a regular occurance and you aren’t overdoing it, there’s no need for guilt to be felt.

When I was starting out, I thought that to reach my goals, I had to deny myself and sit on the sidelines in social situations to make sure I was on track with my goals. Buts that’s no way to enjoy your life! If I want to have a munch I will, and I will feel no guilt, or reluctance about it. The main thing to remember is that I know my goals and what is right for my body and what is not. While it is okay for a cheeky treat every now and then, I will not overdo it because I know my limits.


Enjoy your food

You only have one life to live so eat to live, to enjoy the flavours, to experience something new without regret. Changing your mindset from food as just an everyday thing you consume to something that you need to grow mentally and physically will change your whole outlook. Its almost like going back to a childs mindset. Eating the right kind of foods will build you, help you to become the best version of yourself, make you stronger. So fuel yourself! Experiment, look at different ways to cook and eat foods you may not be fond of to see what works for you. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore, eat to fuel!


Well, I really hope you liked this post. Leave a comment and tell me what you think 🙂


Peace and love xx




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