Meditation 101



So. Today. I will discuss the practice of meditation.

Sooo, what is meditation?

The definition of meditation is to focus on your own mind as a form of relaxation or for religious purposes.  By sitting, looking inward on your own mood, feelings and thoughts for any period of time, you are not focused on the demands of everyday life,your phone, emails or advertisements; you are looking inward, into how you are feeling and reaching deep relaxation and clarity.

Meditation allows you to get in touch with your true inner self, if you’re someone who thinks they are not as in control of their emotions as they wish to be and are very dependent on other people and things, I strongly recommend you try it out. If you also consider yourself a creative or if you are stuck making some kind of decision, meditation can help to release the pressure that we tend to put on ourselves and put everything in perspective and gently guide us to the best possible solution.

Not only does it supposedly have strong and powerful positive mental health results but it also apparently has good physical health as well, reducing blood pressure and helping you to get a better nights sleep!

See also: Sleep, Get Those Hours In! for more tips on how to slow down and get a good nights sleep!


But now… The most important part of this post… Does it actually work?

Long story short: Yes. I was a major skeptic at first myself and the impatient child in me thought that it was useless but after a couple of tries, I realised that it was actually incredibly good. It is very natural on the first couple of tries to become restless and for your mind to just drift off but give it some time, you will eventually get there. Being in a silent room, feeling comfortable and being in a relaxed yet focused mood is probably the key ways to ensure that you get the most useful meditative session.

It really is the most relaxing way to clear your thoughts and renew your energy. I could be having the worse day, meditate for 15 minutes and reach a sense of clarity and see that the problem is insignificant, allowing me to move on with peace and love. I have also found that it can be used when you’re feeling stuck; emotionally, because of work or creatively, meditating has a way of clearing all the nonsense so I can think clearly without all the clutter. Meditation has really helped me to get that work/life balance right and has actually allowed me to unlock some creativity I frankly thought did not exist.You can find really good videos on YouTube to get you started; just by searching guided meditations and going on channels like Honest Guys and Boho Beautiful for more basic ones but Kireiki Healing is a fave of mine. There’s also apps to download that you can meditate with such as Headspace which I can confirm is extremely good.

In terms of when’s the best time to do it, I think either first thing in the morning just to start the day right or sometime in the evening, just to settle your mind before you lay down for the night.


But yeah, I really hope you try and it and I would love some feedback on how it went for you 🙂



5 thoughts on “Meditation 101

  1. Loved this post! I love meditating and I try and do it at the start of everyday. It’s such an amazing way to start everyday with a clear mind. I definitely will be checking out these YouTube channels too. Thanks for this amazing post xxx

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