Gratitude: Key To Happiness


Heyyy guys,


I’ve noticed that there is a general view in our world today that being grateful and being content with what you have means that you’re settling and you aren’t seeking to push forward and gain more.  Through this blog post I really want to dig a little and see whether there’s any truth in this view.

Personally, something that I’ve battled with myself is the thought of pushing and striving to be bigger and better and wanting the absolute best whilst still remaining grateful and happy and content with what I have. Trying to balance these two ideas was difficult; going too far in one direction would mean I would end up either really lazy and complacent or never being happy because I’m always chasing the next win. I had to separate what it meant for me to be grateful and happy and content with what I had whilst still pushing forward and looking at the wider vision and what I wanted for my life.

By writing this post I aim to show you guys how powerful gratitude really is and how it can be used by you to create a meaningful life for yourself.


Firstly I want to contrast these two words: gratitude versus settling.

To settle is to sit down and have a “oh well” attitude. A “might as well not do anything” attitude. Settling stands for not wanting to push too hard to achieve your dreams or desires. I’ve realised that settling is rooted in fear, fear that you will not succeed in what you want, fear that it won’t be worth the effort or that other people will laugh at you for it. Because of this fear, you would rather sit in idleness and not rock the boat too much so you can stay in your comfort zone.

Gratitude on the other hand is seeing what you have and being thankful, it isn’t having a oh well attitude, it is raising your hands up in joy and appreciation for everything you have. Gratitude is knowing you could have been anywhere else in a much more worse off situation, but instead you are here. Being grateful  can also be known to be content but it is covered in positivity. You can be very successful but be incredibly grateful and humble for everything you have; you can be grateful and still strive for better and for more in your life. Gratefulness is being incredibly content with what you have, but not sitting down being lazy in it.

Be incredibly happy for the little things.


Becoming more grateful.

If you are thinking about your dreams and aspirations, your career or your studies, take a look at where you are at this present moment.

Are you happy, are you content with where you are? If you aren’t then why not? For you to push forward with your endeavours and ambitions, you have to first be grateful with where you are. Give yourself credit, knowing that you have come a long way from where you have started and that it didn’t happen overnight. From this moment of gratitude and counting your blessings, you can then enable yourself to move forward, taking the best steps for your situation, counting your blessings along the way.

By just taking a couple of moments to think and be grateful and happy for what you have can help you a lot more in being more productive and happy; not just numb. You will be able to move forward in the choices you make and not just settle for your comfort zone.

Furthermore, being grateful means that when you do indeed look back on your life and the choices you’ve made, you’ll be seeing the tremendous moves that you have made and be happy that things went the way they went. You’ll be grateful for the hardships and the obstacles that you overcame; not that you just gave in at the first chance and decided to settle for your safety.

Gratefulness really is the unsung hero and a major key to being happy in the present moment, not being envious while also moving forward, looking to the future and seeing the bigger plan for your life.

So guys, I really hope you liked this post and that you go on to move forward with a much more gratuitous mind,

Peace and love 🙂 xx



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