Sleep, Get Those Hours In!



Hey there,


There is a temptation in today’s world to want to rush through life, trying to do a million things at once and not wanting to sit down and chill out of fear of missing out on something important. Especially when working or studying, relaxing or taking a break can be seen as laziness, not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

But if there is something that entering the workplace has taught me, it is that there is one thing you cannot sacrifice on (hint: it’s in the title).

Sleep is your body’s way of recharging. It is recommended that adults get between 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Without that 6 hours of minimum, crucial beauty sleep, you can fall victim to feelings of grogginess, annoyance and slow reaction times which is generally no way to have a good day of work. Not only is sleep crucial for recharging your energy but it also reduces stress and helps prevent weight gain! Below find some key top tips to getting the best nights sleep evaaaaaaa.



Have a ‘Turn down” hour.


That last hour before you go to bed is very very crucial to having a good nights sleep so make it matter. Set a approximate time each evening for eating, socialising, relaxing and settling down for sleep. By having a timeline for your evening means that not only will you be scrambling for time to do things you didn’t get to do at the beginning of the evening, but it allows you to be a lot more relaxed and prepared to sleep like a baby. When there is not much structure to your evenings you may find yourself a lot more distracted and procrastinating from getting to bed which means you will struggle to get off to sleep which you will later regret once that alarm clock starts going at stupid o’clock.


Switch off your phone.

As said previously, that last hour before before bedtime is when you have the chance to wind down and prepare for sleep. If you don’t get anything from this post, get this:

Put. Down. Your. Phone.

Modern mobile phones have an addictive quality about them, we never seem to give them a break and put them down. So when it comes to bedtime, by keeping our precious phones in our palms, we are keeping our minds active for longer than we should, so even when you turn off the lights and put your phone down, your brain is still running at a million miles per hour.

In order to get the best nights sleep ever, you need to be putting down your phone a good 10/15 minutes before you plan to go to bed and do something a little more relaxing or mundane, just to switch off. Trust me, your body will thank you.


Listen to your body.

Lastly, look at what your body is consuming. Copious amounts of sugary snacks and coffee can have an major effect on how your body relaxes at the end of the day. Sugar rushes and caffeine highs can put you in a general fatigued state for the whole of the day but when it gets to the time where you close your eyes and hope for sleep to arrive, because your mind is still trying to deal with the highs and the consequential crashes that you have put it through in the day. As mentioned in my previous post, looking for healthier alternatives will not only will help your weight but also help you to get back to your body’s natural flow and help you get a better nights sleep.


Well guys, I really hope that this post helped, Please let me know if these tips worked out for you! 🙂

Happy snoozing xx


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