5 Tips To Get (And Stay) Healthy In 2016

Heyyyyy everybody

Its a new year guys! Time to start anew, learn from last years mistakes and prosper in your dreams and ambitions in this new 2016!

One of the most popular new year resolutions is for people to become a lot more healthier, unfortunately most people dwindle in their resolution by the end of February and their healthy habits are thrown to the back of the closet until the end of the year where they swear that next year will be the year.

Not any more!

With this blog post, I hope to encourage everyone reading to take 5 small steps to a healthier body and in turn, have a healthier mind which will last much longer than just a couple of weeks.

1. Plan your meals

Knowing what you are going to eat before you buy it means you have already fought half the battle. You are much less likely to go mad with cravings of all things unhealthy and greasy when you already have a fridge full of food, waiting to be eaten.

One of the biggest things I struggled with when I started my health journey was when hunger striked, I grabbed the most convenient thing which 9.7/10 was something that was not fueling or sustaining my body in the right way. By knowing that on a particular day of the week I will be making something in particular it saved on valuable time worrying about what I should cook.

Also, when it came to snacks, instead of grabbing something when I could by always having a healthier alternative handy in my bag, it removed all the excuses that I could possibly invent, because I already had everything that I could have needed. Saves on money too!


2. Drink more water 


Water has so many natural benefits including clearing up your skin, cleansing your body of toxins and helping you lose weight and stay energised, yet we barely get enough of it! Buy a nice water bottle to keep and to carry around with you, download some apps that can remind you to drink up ( eg Hydro Coach or Plant Nanny if you’re feeling a bit silly) and get going. If you are one of those people who cannot stand the taste of water, get a filtered water bottle or drop some fruit in it for some flavour.


3. Take a look at what you are eating.


If you have a particular favourite snack that you cannot go a day or even a week without, it would be very worth it to see what it may contain. If your energy levels are terrible, it could be that you are crashing and burning from having too much sugar; if you are often bloated then it could be that you are consuming too much salt.

It also works the other way, seeing how much goodness there is in more natural products will surprise you. You’ll be shocked in how mow much better your body will move and how better you feel once you skip past the unhealthy indulgences.

Look for healthier alternatives! If you love your chocolate, look for ones with a higher cocoa content which has a lot more health benefits as well as having a much richer depth of flavours. Crisps? Look for baked rather than deep fried types.


4. Take a walk.

You will be so surprised on the difference it will make when you decide to do the little things when it comes to fitness. Instead of taking the lift, take the stairs; get off a stop early on the bus and walk for a extra 10 minutes. It is advised to participate in 10 minutes of daily exercise which doesn’t even seem like a lot but due to the conveniences of modern life we often fail to do even that. By doing more of the little things a day to up our heart rate, we can get a little closer to being fitter and healthier by the end of 2016!


5. Love yourself!

Now this one might seem a bit random but bear with me; the most important kind of health is mental health. It is something that we take for granted but if there is one thing that we need to carry into 2016 is that we are the most important person in our lives, if you are not lifting yourself up and surrounding yourself with love and happiness, you aren’t reaching your full potential. Everyday is a gift, rejoice in it!


I really hope this post has been useful and I hope that this year is the best one yet 🙂


Peace and love xx



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