Why you should care about your wellbeing.


Hiiii there

Hello and welcome to the blog dedicated to your wellness, wellbeing and staying mentally and physically sane in this world filled with chaos.

Day to day, it is easy for us to become overwhelmed, filled with stress, frustrations and anxiety. Whether it is through work, studying or our personal lives, it can be so easy to be swept up in it all and want to just survive, not blossom and be the best person that you could be.

Me personally, it was only when I was in the thick of my placement year, working long hours and feeling that I had absolutely no time for myself to relax and take a breather that I finally understood the importance of taking care of myself and putting my wellbeing/sanity first. It is all good and well earning your money, working hard so you can afford the things you like and in my case, making a difference in young peoples lives, but when you are mentally and physically drained, not excited to wake up in the morning and carrying a negative energy around like a bad smell, what is the point? I was barely living.

Since I had my individual revalation, my eyes have been opened that there must be more people out there who feel exactly the same way. Whether in the work environment or studying and revising for those crucial exams, it is sooo so important to put your health and wellbeing first.

You are THE MOST important person in your life so it is of most importance that you put your wants and needs first.

I hope that all those reading, stays tuned and locked into the interesting and tbh the very needed wellness advice and tips that will keep you sane and at peace in an insane world.

Chenai xx


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